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From one year to another...

I’ve been writing about books for five whole years now, and blogging for two; but 2009 was the year in which I truly became a book blogger — for the first time, more of my reviews appeared in my own corner of the web than elsewhere. And, whilst I certainly won’t be stopping writing for other venues, I do want to move further down the road of book blogging in 2010; so I’ll be trying to cover more books, and seeing what else I can include on here besides reviews.

This has always been a multi -subject blog, however, and I intend for that to continue — though the balance will probably be slightly different. Now I’ve started reviewing for Culture Revival, I expect that most of my music writing will appear there rather than here. As for film writing, there’ll still be periodic DVD reviews for VideoVista; and I want to get back into the habit of going to the cinema, so I should be reviewing more films here, albeit probably not as often as I once did.

Those, then, are my blogging plans for 2010 (subject, of course, to real life, etc.). Happy New Year!